Error response from daemon: unauthorized when I'm trying to pull public image from GPR

Hello experts!

I’m study Github Actions + Github Package Registry.

And i created images in Github Package Registry.

Here are my packages.

On page

I see the command to pull image.

docker pull

When i am trying to run pull command on my linux host.

$ docker pull  
Error response from daemon: unauthorized: Your request could not be authenticated by the GitHub Packages service. Please ensure your access token is valid and has the appropriate scopes configured.

What should i do to get public image without any authorization?


P.S. I was looking for solution for 15 minutes before create a new topic.

Happy Halloween Day!

Right now, even public images, require authorization.  Include your PAT as your password and your GitHub username as your username for Docker


Thank you, SOLVED!!

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Could you provide an example on how to do that?

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Can you provide an example? 

Create a an access token that you can use from your github account 
github -> settings->tokens -> Personal access tokens 

Make sure the token has Read and/or Write access to github registry 

Then login to the registry 

docker login --username <your_user_name> --password <generated_token_not_password>

and now pull/push to the registry should work