Error on learning lab writing javascript actions

I’m at the very last step of this lesson. My action is returning an error of Can’t find ‘action.yml’,‘action.yaml’ or ‘Dockerfile’ under 'home/runner/work/writing-javascript-actions/writing-javascript-actions/github/actions/issue-maker. I’ve confirmed that action.yml is in the issue-maker directory. I’ve renamed the file to action.yaml, but still received the error. I’ve deleted the file and recreated it in Github instead of VS code, but I still receive this error. Any thoughts on what I did wrong?

Could you share a link? It’s hard to say what might be wrong without seeing the details.

Here is a link to my repo GitHub - boanders74/writing-javascript-actions The branch is named action-three

There seems to be a typo, your workflow tries to call the action like this:

        uses: ./github/actions/issue-maker

But there is no github/ directory in your repository, I assume it’s supposed to be .github/ (the action exists there). So this should work:

        uses: ./.github/actions/issue-maker

That fix resolved the error. Thanks for the quick response! But now I have another error

I’ll go back and check what I’ve typed to try to figure this new error out

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It looks like the lesson says to use this code

const github = require("@actions/github");
const octokit = new github.getOctokit(token);
const newIssue = await octokit.issues.create({

but the create seemed to always fail. I found online someone that used this and that seemed to work for me
const newIssue = await{

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Peculiar, that sounds like a bug! Maybe you could create an issue in the course repository?

I just created the issue. I hope it wasn’t another of my typos. :slight_smile:

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