Error on connecting to custom domain

Hi, this is my first time making a website and so I do not know what to do now that there is this error. I wanted to connect my godaddy domain to my github page but it doesnt seem to be working. I have also set up the forwarding to but when I open it redirects to 404 error while if I enter it works. Also, sometimes I get a privacy error for some reason.

Hi @patrickhars, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! It looks like you’ve got an extra A record pointing to that may be interfering with routing to your domain. You’ll need to remove that record before your domain points completely towards GitHub.

If you’re not able to remove this from your DNS settings it may be added by your DNS provider automatically. You might need to turn off “domain parking”, forwarding, or another service they provide, or contact your DNS provider for help removing this.

Thank you for your reply @thomasshaped, when I deleted that IP, is directed to instead of Is there a way so can directly direct to the page I wanted?

Hmm, taking a look inside your repository it seems like your site is inside a directory called GREENTREE:

If you want your site to load directly at then you’ll need to move your site’s content outside of this folder to the root of your repository. The best way to do this would be to clone your repository locally, move your files outside of this GREENTREE folder, and push the changes back to GitHub.

Thank you for the solution, never thought it would be so simple :sweat_smile:

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