Error message: "Can’t leave organization. If you’re the last owner, delete the organization."

I have 3 organizaitons showing up on my profile which I am unable to leave because they somehow no longer exist. Trying to visit any of these organizations leads to the 404 page:

Yet they are listed on my public profile, and they are listed on my  “Personal Settings” > “Organizations” page. Yet if I click the “Leave” button, I get an error message like “Can’t leave polymaths. If you’re the last owner, delete the organization.” Yet I am unable to delete the organization because I am not able to visit the organization, because it somehow doesn’t exist. 

I contacted support when this first became an issue a couple of years ago, but it didn’t get resolved. I really wish I could figure out how to delete these organizations. I was just messing around when I created them and then somehow I deleted them incorrectly.

Ideas? Insights? Thanks   

I discovered that while the organization and its settings page lead to 404s, two of the other dashboard tabs are visitable. So I wasn’t able to delete the organizations, but I could at least set the visibility on my profile to private. So they no longer show up on my public profile, but I still can’t remove them so that they stop showing up for me when I’m logged in. I also can’t recreate them because the names are “already taken”. The names are in limbo. 

Hi @danielbushman,

It looks like you are currently working with Support to get this sorted as I see that you have a recently opened support request. As this seems like it may be a lingering effect of an old bug, I’m going to lock this post and allow GitHub Support to resolve things with you directly.