error loading project

Hi All when i am loading my SSAS project from github i am getting the following error

error  : Illegal characters in path

please need help


Hi & welcome,

The Community will need a bit more information to be able to answer your question. A couple of things that would help us answer the question:

  • The URL of the project on GitHub
  • What command you used
  • What the exact output is
  • What you’ve tried so far
  • What you expect to get

Thanks mpboom,

I am relatively new to git hub. Here is what i did , i opened Visual Studio, tried to open a project from SSAS folder under github folder. That is when i get the error message

can you please tell me what you meant  by url, the folder is on the C drive?

I am not sure what you meant by command, i am just trying to open my visual studio project.

There is nothing to try as without github we just open our projects from VS, with github as our version control we are facing these issues.

I expect to get my VS project opened.