Error: Failed to download module

I’m using GitHub - hashicorp/setup-terraform: Sets up Terraform CLI in your GitHub Actions workflow. to plan a change in a repo called “example/foo”, however it has modules that it needs from another repo “more-deps”, in the same organisation.

Run terraform init
/home/runner/work/_temp/7fd8e4e4-4793-4989-8b3d-9b8bcfad61b3/terraform-bin init
Initializing modules...
- aws_auth in ../../../infra/aws-auth-controller
- cloudwatch_exporter in ../../../exporters/cloudwatch-exporter
Downloading for eks...
Downloading for eks_base...
Downloading for external_dns...
- limits_exporter in ../../../exporters/limits-exporter
- victoria_metrics in ../../../victoria-metrics
- vpc in ../../../infra/vpc
- vpc_config in ../../../infra/vpc-config
│ Error: Failed to download module
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - uses: hashicorp/setup-terraform@v1
    - name: Terraform Init
      id: init
      run: terraform init

How can I rework it so that it has access to

I’m very confused by the documentation’s talk of TF_API_TOKEN or how GITHUB_TOKEN works in this context. Thank you!