Error: Deploying to production - GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS


I’m doing the Actions laboratory, but I get this message in step 9, please help. Thank you!

Hello, right now I’m stuck on step 10, please help


I try to re- run jobs, but nothing happend

:wave: @xaca I took a quick look at your PR and just about everything looks right from what I can see. If you make another commit on your branch, that should retrigger the workflow – do you mind trying that? 

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Hello @hectorsector I make another commit, but I got this error. Do you know what happend? Thank you!

Thanks for trying that, @xaca. This project leverages snapshots for its testing framework. Something went wrong with the snapshots, and our CI workflow doesn’t re-generate that snapshot so it’s failing for that reason. If you’re not familiar with snapshots, you can read more about them in the Jest docs

In a real world case, the developer would update the snapshots and commit them to the repository so that the test will pass. You should be able to get back on track by taking the following steps:

# clone the repository to your machine and access its folder
git clone <repo-url>
cd <folder-name>

# check out to the staging branch that your PR is for
git checkout staging-test

# install the project and build it
npm install
npm run build

# run the tests locally and update the snapshots
npm test -- -u

# commit the changes and push them to github
git add .
git commit -m "update snapshots"
git push

Let us know if this resolves it!