Error compiling for the NodeMCU 1.0 card (ESP-12E Module).

Good afternoon!. I was looking for this forum, and I did not find the solution to my problem. I found 2 links with very similar content, but it is not the same problem. I leave those links:
I start to tell you my problem. I leave an image of how he looks.
I’m trying to recreate a project that is on a Youtube channel, on a visit counter and Subscribers. But I can not climb the Sketch. He always gives me the error that I show you. I have the Module ESP8266 NodeMCU (Amica) with Drive CP2102 of 9600 baud.
The strangest thing is that I have no problem uploading a simple example Sketch as is the “Blink” in module ESP8266, which leaves a led that turns on and off. But when I go to upload the Sketch in the ESP8266, I get the error.

The strangest thing about this problem is that the Sketch example of ESP8266 / Blink, uploads it perfectly.