Error building darknet from source

I am trying to build darknet from source based on this tutorial. The only difference is that the CUDA version of mine is 11.1 and CUDNN of 8.0. When I’m about to build “yolo_cpp_dll” (refer the video at 5:27), I received this error! error1|690x60 . Is there any solution or any tutorial that I can refer to build darknet from source?

My specs are:

  • GPU: 3060Ti
  • Python: 3.7.9
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • OpenCV: Build from source

This is a major difference — literally, since you’re dealing with two different MAJOR releases of CUDA. Major releases usually introduce backward compatibility breaking changes, so a tutorial for an older version won’t work on a newer one, and viceversa.

It just says that an auto-generated command of your build toolchain exited with an error code (1).

You’ll have to read through the darknet latest documentation, and ensure that you use a version which is compatible with your CUDA versions, and all other dependencies on your system.

You’re probably better off asking for help on the darknet repository, its forum, or some other product related community, because usually when different versions are involved you won’t be facing a single error, but many others will surface as (if) you resolve others.

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