Error after loggin

No uploads, no mofification,…

Thank you


Spanisch and German repays are posible

:wave: Welcome!

That looks like you’re not using one of our supported browsers. Unfortunately that does mean that some features won’t work as expected.

If you’re using Waterfox, they have an open issue for this, as well as some suggested solutions: Can't log out · Issue #1950 · MrAlex94/Waterfox · GitHub

thank you for the fast replay.
I’m using Firefox ESR 7.0.1 (based on Mozilla Firefox 52.2.0) (64-bit).

In the community it work fine, but not in

What can I do?


I don’t think anything based on Firefox 52 is going to work with GitHub without some major additions. You’d need to download one of the supported browsers.

This seems numbering seems odd, the current Firefox ESR version is 78.10.1: Firefox ESR 78.10.1, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes