Error adding <my-email>: email is already in use

Hi, My email is s*****, this is absolutely my email. But I founded that this email is already taken by another person swiftykitt swiftykitt · GitHub.

I think he maybe typo mistake of the email address. but the problem is the email address is not activated yet, how could he take this account?

and another question is that how could I get the email back? Now I could only see Error adding : email is already in use. error message, and I could not do other actions.

could you help? thanks.

I’m just going to say that since I can see the first character and last 3 characters of your email, and that they match your username, it’s not very hard to guess your email. Try contacting support.

thanks, but where to contact support, isn’t here?

did you try clicking the Block or Report button?

that’s one way, report the account,

This is the community forum. With “how do I…” other users can often help, but of course we don’t have access to GitHub’s internal data.

You can find support forms (or in some cases links to more documentation) here: GitHub Support

I assume your problem would fall under “account or billing issues”.