Error: 429 Too Many Requests

Hi All,

Newbie here. I’m not a github power user. I just help maintain a basic public repository. Don’t think I’ve changed anything and not running any apps against the site. In general the repository seems okay, but I’m suddenly getting this error on the wiki. Its a github rendering of an html file stored in the repository. I’m seeing it, and so is another in my company and another outside. Any thoughts about how to fix? Here’s the site. Any suggestions about how to fix.

Here’s the wiki:

Any of the links on the right suffixed with “Messages” have the same problem. Here is an example.


Hello. I have no idea if this will solve your problem, but it solved my problem. I wasn’t using GitHub’s API, rather reddit’s. I was getting “429 too many requests”. Everything worked fine in browser, so why not via terminal? I needed to send a header.

Thanks Mr-Steal. I’m pretty unfamiliar with reddit. Does reddit generate the same 429 error?

Also - Looks like the problem comes and goes. When I opened the site this morning, I got 429. After about 45 minutes, I reopened the site and did NOT get an error. Hmmm.

Thanks for joining us @asaxsma.

It’s not a GitHub rendering of an HTML file. You can see from the README for the application that it is working around how the service (which is provided by GitHub) is designed to work. Because this application is not provided by GitHub, when it gets too much traffic it can be throttled by GitHub’s rate limits. When that happens, the GitHub web server returns HTTP status 429: “Too many requests”.

What you could do in order to make your pacmod_dbc site work in the way that I suspect you want it to is to use the GitHub Pages service to render the webpages that you’re currently using the wiki and this htmlpreview application to render.

Would that be an option you would want to try?

Hi Lee. Yes, I’m interested! Sounds like our implementation probably isn’t best, and you are suggesting something better. Thank you. Google pointed me to Is that a good place to start?

Yep, that’s a great place to start :+1: Let us know if you have any questions from there!

Looks like I have to create and dedicate a branch to github.pages. Then after that, perhaps there is a way to drop links to our versioned html file onto that page… similar to what we are doing on the right side of our wiki?

Ah, I didn’t dig too deeply into how exactly you were using the wiki. So you’re using the wiki to link to particular versions of the same files?

If that’s the case, then you’d probably need to do some things to generate the files at each version so that they all exist in the repository and Pages can serve them. But that’s the kind of thing that Jekyll is for and it’s built-in to Pages.

We generate the html with each release, so they are already available in the repository. Just need a way to put them in a nice list that anybody could understand and then render them rather then show code when they are clicked.

They’re already in version numbered directories. Have you tried simply turning Pages on and then going to a location like