Error 404 on my page after changing username and repository name

Hi, I’m a newbie in managing the webpage(

I set up all the things perfectly for repository and worked well.

Also, it went through well after I changed my username and the name of repository for testing.

However, the 404 not found error occurs when I tried to go back to original username and the name of repository.

And got email that says “The page build failed for the gh-pages branch with the following error: Page build failed. For more information, see help page.”

What should I do for this…?

Please help me out here…


Unfortunately, it sounds like some wires have gotten crossed with the back-and-forth renaming. You’ll have to contact private support at When using email, please use an email address associated with the account in question. Private support will be able to look at your private account configuration details and straighten things out.

I hope that helps!

NB: Response edited December 2020 to reflect changes in GitHub’s support channels.

Changing repo name according to username worked for me