Error 404 github page

Good evening, I had a problem regarding the upload of my web page, I followed each step of the tutorial but I don’t know if it is because my index.html is inside another folder. Currently my repository is like this: Eviganes/html/index.html or if that interferes with not finding my web page.

This is my repository :

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It is because your index.html isn’t at the top level of your repository, yes. In that case Jekyll turns the into one. You can disable Jekyll by adding a .nojekyll file (see Static site generators), but you’ll still need to place an index.html file at the top level with whatever you want people to see when they enter just the domain.


I created the repository again, this time I left Eviganes / index.html, however the page still does not appear.

The index.html file is still inside the Eviganes/ directory, not at the top level. I assume has the content you actually want? If yes, you’ll have to remove the directory and move its content to the top level.