Erratic scroll behavior on GHA log view

When checking the logs of a GHA job (say, this one), after selecting a particular… task? whatever the things you can unfold on the right-hand pane are called… I get a rather small box where I can see the actual log output. Scrolling in that box behaves extremely strange: even after I stop turning my scroll wheel, it keeps going! And not just in the way “soft scrolling” goes on a bit, no it keeps going for hundreds of lines without slowing down. Even when I drag-n-drop the scroll bar to position it to the right place, it just keeps going upwards. Same when using the up/down or page-up/page-down keys on my keyboard.   It is *really hard* to actually scroll to the right place in the log because it keeps overshooting.

This is not helped by the fact that the log window is tiny, displaying less than 30 lines of output. More than half of the vertical space of my browser window remains unused, which is rather excessively inefficient use of screen space for the most important aspect of this page – viewing the CI log output.

This is all using Firefox on Linux.

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Hi @ralfjung ,

I cannot reproduce on my ubuntu OS with firefox. What’s your linux OS and firefox version? Please uninstall firefox and install the latest one for a try. 

Regarding the tiny log window, it’s recommended to raise a feature_request here where github product manager will take a review.


I’m running Firefox 77.0b7 with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and can reproduce the same behavior. It will auto-scroll to the end or auto-scroll to the beginning. I can’t even manually drag it to the middle to view logs.