Equivalences between flags of the cc and gcc compilers

Hi. First of all, I appreciate your time spent on your response.

I need to compile an application and the makefile it provides uses the cc compiler and the parameters (flags) are not equivalent with my compiler. I have the gcc 4.6.1 compiler.

Could you help me identify what are the parameters (flags) to make the makefile work with gcc.

This is the line of the code:

CC = cc -q64 -qlanglvl=extc89 -qcpluscmt -qarch=com -qmaxmem=16384 -bmaxdata:0x80000000 -D_THREAD_SAFE -DCOBOL_64BIT

The definition of the “cc” compiler is dependent on the operating system and platform. So you’ll need to identify which compiler the application makefile expected to have available.

On many Linux systems, the “cc” command is merely a pointer to “gcc”. If the gcc compiler isn’t happy with those switches, then the makefile was presumably for a different platform. You’ll have to find the appropriate documentation.