Epever tracer remote monitor with Blynk

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post and I’m new with Arduino or ESP8266.

I’m trying to build a WiFi monitor for EPever solar tracer 2210A charge controller and view it throught Blynk.  I found a user name JAMIN that already did it but I’m unable to follow.  Here is the link to JAMIN post and here.

I already bought the following parts:

  1. ESP8266 mini
  2. Another ESP8266 mini
  3. RS485 UART

Install the Arduino IDE and ESP8266 package, when I try to upload the WiFI infor to the ESP using the following code:

     #define WIFI_SSID “my WiFi ID”
     #define WIFI_PASS “WiFi password”
     #define AUTH “code generate from Blynk mobil app”

The upload failed or can’t comnunicate with #1 ESP

THe upload was 100% successful on #2 ESP but I don’t see the blue LED turn ON on ESP board and my mobile Blynk app can’t see the device.

Can anyone please help me on this?

JAMIN, if  you see this post, would you please PM me or send me a detail instruction on how to set it up.

Thank you inadvance.


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