Environments not available on my organization


I am very excited about GitHub Actions: Environments, environment protection rules and environment secrets (beta) - GitHub Changelog

In this open beta there is no need to sign up, all existing GitHub organizations and accounts can use the new capabilities in their public repositories and GitHub Enterprise Cloud organizations can use them in all repositories.

It is not available into my organisation repositories only in my private repositories. Would it possible to enable it on my organization ? If yes, how ?


At this time the private repository use is only available on GitHub Enterprise Cloud so you would have to upgrade your organisation to that plan.

We have detailed feature comparisons at the bottom of our pricing page.

Thanks for your answer.
Do you plan to provide this feature to Github Team Plan ?

We do refresh our offerings from time to time, but right now I don’t know.


I’d also be interested in using the environments feature in our Team plan. It seems like a pretty steep jump from $4/user/month to $21/user/month just to be able to manage deployments to a staging and production environment.

I could totally see the environment protection rules being part of the enterprise plan but just having environments seems like a feature most small teams would want to use


Same here. We can’t afford at the moment to jump to $21/user/month.
I had to create a tool to have a centralized “environments” configurations repository for our Github Actions: GitHub - Steph0/dotenv-configserver: Load dotenv files to GITHUB_ENV from remote repository

It works like a Spring Cloud config server
Feel free to use it if it can fill the gap until Teams plan get the feature maybe.

It does not provide the features of env protections rules but, it provides at least that possibility to go over 10 inputs, trigger generic actions/workflow based on an environment variables, etc.
Used in pair with carefully crafted restrictions on push/pull, PRs, checks, etc… it does the job for us!

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Same here.
I have talked to soo many that’s in the same boat as us - not having environment in the teams plan is a real party pooper, and we are too small to go up to enterprise plan.
Pleeeease Github, make it accessible for private repos in teams plan. Or else we have to go back to gitlab again quite soon. (unless you make it possible to manually approve steps in workflows on other ways)…

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