Environments for private repositories

Does that mean environments are available to private repositories for free accounts?

If yes, the documentation should be updated.
If no, what do you mean by “generally”?

Thanks for the clarification.


Same question for private repositories in a Pro plan. Have a lot of them and I see no Environments available still…
I have been waiting for the environments feature, and surely expected that “generally available” would mean available for also private repositories.

Same boat here, been waiting for a long time already and they seem to forget “private repositories”…

generally means that it’s out of the development phase (a beta for example).

If you don’t see it with a free plan, this means it’s not available for free tier.
I have a pro subscription and therefore I can’t test it. I do have the option to set env variables in private repos.

It appears to be available only for enterprise and for public repos. I seriously hope they reconsider and make this available for private repos on Teams and other plans. It is pretty core, bare bones CICD necessities.