Entire github.com domain unusably slow in browser.

For about a month, I have been unable to access my projects (code, issues, etc.) via the browser. My connectivity is fine; I’m able to stream videos and download large files from other services. It probably isn’t a firewall issue on my end, since the top 5% of my project landing pages eventually load.

I am posting here because I cannot even access https://github.com/contact orhttps://help.github.com. Those pages don’t even begin to load.

I read in some other posts that it could be routing congestion. Maybe there was a recent change in load balancing? In any case, work on my project has come to a halt because I can’t access my list of open issues.

Hi @ta0kira,

Thanks for being here! We are not experiencing any outages, please reach out to us at git.io/c and we’ll take a look.

Thanks for the info! FYI, that link redirects to a page on github.com.

I’m able to access all of the pages if I tether to my phone and use my data service (Verizon), so it might be a routing issue. I’ll fill out the form at https://support.github.com/contact.