Enterprise onsite - AD integration


We’ve got GitHUB appliance running (3.03) as a test setup in our VMWare environment - however, we’re having difficulty with AD integration.
We’ve got a username and password for a service account that GitHUB uses to query the AD, and this appears to be working - we can use the ‘test’ button, and if we don’t enter a username and click ‘test’ then it says we’re successful - so I’m assuming this means its able to connect.
If we enter a username and click test however, the settings page tells use that the user cannot be found within the domain base - even if we set the domain base to where the service account is registered, and hunt for the service account.

Does anyone know if there’s any detailed logs that we can query to find out what is going on under the covers?

Many thanks



For assistance with a specific Enterprise Server setup, it’s probably best to open a ticket with Enterprise Support - they’ll be able to go through the logs with you and make sure your configuration is correct.


Many thanks - after a long night and numerous changes, we finally managed to get it working… a little too many to note here…


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