Enterprise installation query?


Firstly, apologies if this isn’t the correct forum - I don’t see an ‘installation’ section in the tags, however, if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated…

I’ve been asked to set up private GitHUB enterprise onsite - and I’ve downloaded and got the version 3 appliance up and running for testing purposes - I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for training materials with regard to configuration - specifically do’s and don’ts, recommendations.

For example, I can get to a login or admin screen - however, its not referencing css/javascript, however if I open some of the assets directly (pulling their references from source code of the page), then the website seems to work fine - I’m obviously getting something incorrect in the configuration…

Many thanks


Hi @carlbeechvuw , welcome to the community
To get started the self hosted enterprise documentation is here, you just step through this and every configuration option is explained.

In your first question, I suspect this is a browser certificate trust type issue. with content delivered from your server.
On startup an installation self-hosted certificate is configured. This is often leads to content being blocked (you can see this behaviour if you use your browsers developer tools). you will either need to trust the certificate, or install a signed certificate by one oy your browsers trusted CAs (also covered in docs linked above).
Another aspect related to content delivery, is the recommendation to enable subdomain-isolation

Try to get your desired configuration working, security hardening in place, certs installed, backups in place before real user activity.

Good kuck

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Many thanks - I’d been looking at the docs you’d mentioned, however, I didn’t see mention of this issue - although I must admit I hadn’t thought of a browser trust issue - I’ll get onto that next…