Enforcing 2FA is inacceptable

I wanna you and M$ to know 1 simple thing. 2FA is not acceptable for everyone, it is inacceptable to me because of multiple reasons, and if M$ disallowed to use essential features of ₲H without any kind of 2FA (i.e. SMS, FIDO 2, biometrics), I (and, I guess, not only I) would have to leave ₲H.

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GitHub does not require 2FA on accounts. The article you’ve linked to simply explains you need to create a token for actions done on command line or for an app. You can create a token even if you do not have 2FA set up.

I hope that clears things up!

GitHub does not require 2FA on accounts.

Currently. But it aggressively promotes it. I. e. “Device verification” for the users not using 2FA, requiring to enter a cpde sent by email after each IP address change by ISP. I. e. it is not allowed to publish an action in the Marketplace. And now this. I can imagine that in future, when enough users will be forced to use 2FA, it will also be prohibited to use ₲H essential features without 2FA and the users without it will be suggested to just leave ₲H. “In the sake security”, of course. Security of Micro$oft interests in the New World Order.

It is easy to just leave GH. It is not easy to stay in FOSS after that.

I have spent hours trying to get anything to work!
2FA over a phone is a terrible idea. I can’t get an ssh key to work.
I can’t get my first or my second PAT to work.
Github is a corporate project. Git is not.
Months ago, I spent hours reading page after page of worthless documentation.
I just again spent hours reading about 35 pages without finding any answers, yet again. I’m a bit more polite, but August 13th, 2021 will be my last day with github. I can’t believe that more than 5 pages could possibly be needed to explain this. Oh well, there is still git that doesn’t need github. My phone number privacy is not negotiable, nor is using a broken security system using phones OK.