Encoding issue on github.com

Hi, I made PR on vim/vim and I noticed there is some issue with encoding in “Files changed” tab.

As you can see, file encoding is randomly changing whenever I refresh this page.

The video didn’t help much, due to poor resolution, but I checked the actual PR you linked.

Problem is, I don’t understand Korean, and I don’t have the required language support for it on my OS.

All that comes to my mind is that, if you’re working with macOS, there are some known encoding issues between the OS and Git, which require enabling some mac-specific Git settings to ensure that Unicode filenames and streams are properly encoded. But I’m not a macOS users, so I’m passing on unto you something that I simply came across but didn’t experience first hand.

As for Git and the actual file contents, if the files are in UTF encoding (any UTF encoding) they should be handled properly, the only exception being that UTF-8 does not support every normalization form of the Unicode standard — so if you’re performing Unicode normalization before changing files, and you’re using UTF-8, there could be discrepancies (but its rather unlikely).