Enabling X-Frame-Options in GitHub Enterprise version

We have a requirement to display GitHub’s OAuth2 web flow login screen / consent granting screen within an iFrame which is there in a different web application.
I know by default GitHub sends the “X-Frame-Options: deny” header. Therefore, we cannot render those screen within an iFrame.

I want to know whether there is any way of configuring above ‘X-Frame-Option’ parameter? - so that we can use GitHub’s web interfaces within an IFrame from a different application.
As I think, this might not be possible with github.com cloud version. But, Is there a way which we can allow above using GitHub Enterprise - on-premise version?

:wave: @gbidsilva: The X-Frame-Options settings are not a configurable option for GitHub Enterprise. If you’re interested in sharing this use case with our product team, we highly encourage you to submit a request through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track it. That’s the best place to share requests like these! We also recommend following the GitHub public roadmap for the latest upcoming product updates.

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