Enabling a markdown checkbox: where's the "[x]"?

Hello. My employer has an organization and repositories on a GitHub Enterprise server. When I click on the “Help” link, I see a page titled “GitHub Enterprise 2.12.” So anyway, in issues we create comments that use the markdown syntax for checkboxes. When a user enables these checkboxes, that causes the webhook to send an IssueCommentEvent with action of “edited” and the markdown characters change from “[]” to “[x]”, representing the enabled checkbox.

I bring this GHE behavior up because I am not seeing the same behavior for checkboxes in GitHub issues. For example, https://github.com/OpenLiberty/open-liberty/pull/2518#issuecomment-370522088. When I look at the events API for that repository, there is no IssueCommentEvent representing me having checked those boxes.

Why is the behavior not the same? Is the difference due to the fact that one org is Enterprise (where I see the desired behavior) and the other is not?

It sounds like what you’re describing is on GHE you’re receiving a webhook but on github.com you’re looking at the Events API and not receiving a webhook. Is that correct?

@lee-dohm correct, for my GHE repositories, a webhook is sending my application event data. But the repo on GitHub does not have a webhook configured and instead I wrote code to call the Events API for the repo.

I see at https://developer.github.com/v3/activity/events/types/#issuecommentevent that the edited action for an IssueCommentEvent should be included among the data returned by the repo’s events API…but perhaps I am misunderstanding that, or maybe that is not the correct version? I’m really confused at this point.

When you look at the events API on GHE, do you get the same behavior as on github.com? I haven’t double-checked but there may be a difference in behavior between being subscribed to a webhook and calling the events API.

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I accessed the GHE repo’s events API; I don’t see any IssueCommentEvents with action “edited”; however, I see them with action “created” and then “payload” > “comment” > “body” shows the text with


in there, representing me having checked the box in the comment.

I don’t see any


characters at all in the GitHub repo events API. Even though I’ve checked boxes in comments created in pull requests.

So it sounds like GHE and github.com are behaving similarly if not identically?

> So it sounds like GHE and github.com are behaving similarly if not identically?

Well, not similarly enough for my purposes. In that there’s no change to the markdown characters for the GitHub repo IssueCommentEvent.

Is this as designed? Or is this a bug? Because there is a clear difference that people should know about.