Enable SMS two-2fa, never get an SMS

I want to enable two way authentication using SMS messages.

When I put in my phone number (The Netherlands, +31) it is accepted but I never receive an SMS with a code.

Is the use of SMS authentification limited to some area’s?
Is the Netherlands excluded from SMS services?

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The Netherlands is supported. We don’t include countries in the list where the SMS delivery rate is too low for reliable use. That said, it has definitely happened in the past that certain carriers were not delivering the SMS in a timely fashion or at all. It’s not usually one of the country’s major carriers - typically a MVNO or VOIP carrier.

I’ve had a look around and we haven’t had similar reports from anyone else in the Netherlands in any of our support channels, and SMS is notoriously difficult to troubleshoot - we don’t keep a log of SMS before the number has been successfully added, so there isn’t a log to check.

To troubleshoot, I’d recommend:

If you are currently roaming/out of the country, try again when you return home.
Try setting up 2FA in another browser with no extensions. I’ve definitely had someone reply that it turned out using another supported browser with no extensions installed fixed this.
Make sure you don’t have any SMS filtering/spam filtering apps on your mobile that might be blocking these.
Check to make sure you’re receiving SMS from other sources, especially if you can check that you’re receiving SMS from “shortcodes”.
check Google to see if {your operator} and SMS has any results - very often people will have posted problems online, along with solutions.
Contact your operator, and see if they have any record of the sms arriving or being blocked.

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Identified and corrected the problem.

I got a new phone and in setting up the configuration receiving SMS messages was disabled. This went by unnoticed until now because all messaging I do is by whatsapp.

Thanks for your support.

Problem solved and 2fa activated.

Kind regards, Andre

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Thanks alot… The second one worked tried in a different browser and I received the SMS…

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