Enable repository discussions via API

Currently the repository API only supports enabling issues, projects, wiki, etc., but not discussions. Can we have this API?

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@nethgato could someone from the API team give us some info on this, please ? :slight_smile:

Hey ya’ll :wave:

Right now, Discussions is a fairly new offering, with some GraphQL data available via this object:

…but there isn’t a toggle to enable/disable via API at this time.

Since Discussions has it’s own feedback Discussions space, it would be best to elevate your requests either in this thread:

…or perhaps:

…which it looks like you already have, @aleks-ivanov =D

That’s going to be the place to talk about feedback for Discussions, but appreciate your conversation here as well :bow:

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Yeap, I am annoying like that :smiley:

Thank you!

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Not annoying at all! Discussions is a big topic of … discussion … over here. And how to handle providing our users with GitHub Staff support both here and in our general-feedback repo, will evolve over time.

Thank you again for raising your request!

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