Enable nested virtualization for VMs

I work in a OSS that manages kvm guests and our tests require virtualization. 

Is it possible to offer VMs with nested virtualization?

Here is my project: https://github.com/kimchi-project


Maybe you can try to add a step to run a Docker image for a specific virtual environment in your workflow to build a virtual environment on the GitHub-hosted runner.

You can search and find some public images from Docker Hub (https://hub.docker.com/search?image_filter=&type=image).

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately there are some things you can’t do with a docker container. For instance, we want to test our code against our selinux policy which can be achieved with virtualization but not docker.

Maybe you can run Qemu with KVM disabled? Sure, it’d be slow, but you should be able to test everything that isn’t specifically about the hardware VM acceleration.

Agreed, nested virtualization is one of the few features that Travis has over Github Actions.

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I’m testing features in qemu throught libvirt

Would love this feature! This will enable folks to build Vagrant boxes and other images using tools like Packer.


I’m also waiting this feature because our company use the Windows Kubernetes. Because of this limitation, we had to built our own virtual machine clusters for each SAC channel of Windows Server. With this feature, we can save time and money in an effective and simple way.