Enable experimal docker features in Windows environment

Is there a way to enable docker experimental features in the Windows environment so I can run linux docker containers on windows?

Hi @svenklemm,

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You can use below command to enable experimental feature on windows 2019, however, currently docker container image/actions are only supported in linux OS.

        run: |
          Install-Module "DockerMsftProvider" -Force
          Update-Module "DockerMsftProvider"
          Install-Package Docker -ProviderName "DockerMsftProvider" -Update -Force
          Set-Content -Value "`{`"experimental`":true`}" -Path C:\ProgramData\docker\config\daemon.json
          restart-service docker

Please check my workflow for your refrence: https://github.com/weide-zhou/ticket13/runs/817424301?check_suite_focus=true#step:4:47