Enable dependency graph and security alert recipients for all repos in our org


        I want to enable the dependency graph for all private repos in my organization. Is there a way to do this in 1 go instead of following the below steps for each of them. We have a large number of repos.


Additionally , is there a way to quickly add additional authorized people to receive security alerts which can be enabled in the UI via the “/security/alerts” endpoint , in one go across all repos ? 

I have admin privileges in my org.

You can use the github API to enable this:


Hi @seveas . Thanks for the response. That is what I was looking for. However do you know of any API to automatically add additional recipients for the security alerts ?

I’m afraid I don’t. I haven’t played around much with this part of GitHub :slight_smile:

no problem. Thanks anyways

Hi udplume,

Were you able to do it?

Mind sharing some knowledge over that, some issues here.