Emojis and pictures aren't showing

I’m not seeing the emojis and picture in the website although I see it perfectly in the preview.
Can I have some help please?

Hi @DafnaPundak, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Can you share a link to your site/repository that hosts your site so we can see what’s going wrong?

Thank You!

Thanks for dropping those links!

For your images, it looks like you’ve put them inside the _includes directory. This is a special Jekyll directory that’s intended to be used for storing HTML template fragments or snippets that will be used in multiple locations, not really for storing your site’s assets. I’d recommend moving your image files either out to the root of your repository or moving them to an images directory instead.

Be sure to update the asset links to your image files too! For example, I see that you’ve referenced the image profilepic.png inside this file:

If you move that image into a directory called images you’ll need to update this link to the following:

![this is me](images/profilepic.png "this is me!")

As for the emoji not showing up, emoji conversion from text like :wave: isn’t enabled by default for Pages sites. You need to manually enable a plugin inside your _config.yml file for this feature to work. To do this, add the following to a new line on the end of your _config.yml file:

  - jemoji
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