Emoji doesn't look good in dark mode

The emoji’s can be improved to look better in dark mode. Emoji’s with black color kinda blends in the background, also the text is a little too light.


Thanks for sharing this feedback @atin! We’ve also noticed that some emoji become a little hard to distinguish in dark mode but haven’t found an elegant solution to handle this without native OS support for light and dark emoji sets.

I have this same issue. At first I thought that this emoji was a bunch of fries lol

Now that you’ve included a screenshot @thetechrobo I can see what you meant in your other post! While dark mode definitely has an impact on emojis, we’re completely at the mercy of the design decisions made from one OS platforms to the next… though I bet our design team would love the challenge of creating our own light and dark mode emoji library! :upside_down_face:

They look weird in light mode too: