Emergency assistance

User sproutcui fork on GitHub my repository, how can I contact this user? This user is all fork repository, and we can’t use the issues method to contact him. Can the manager forward this message to him for me?

Hi there. What’s going on? Users are allowed to fork repositories, and can do whatever they want to the forks as long as it isn’t against GitHub’s ToS. If they are, you can contact admins using this link.

Hello, I have submitted the DMCA, but it has been 20 working days, and I still haven’t received the processing results, and continue to be forked. I want to know why.
dmca Ticket ID: 882095

Is it a public repo?

can you help me?

I am an ordinary user of GitHub. My repository was temporarily opened for a while. After setting it as private, I found that it was forked by some users.
my email: [email removed by admin]
Please do not post personal information on the forums.

Hi there!

DMCA notices are legal work and therefore do take some time to process. Unfortunately once a repository is public, you must consider that it has been downloaded or seen or exposed. If that repository contained any credentials, please make sure you change them immediately.

I have confirmed your ticket is received and is in the correct queue. I hope you hear back soon.