Embed on nodejs

I have tried different ways to put an embedded message but it always gives me an error either in “files” or in the img const, i must clarify that i do not use a predefined image and / or text but that i remove them from a random list for that reason i can’t remove the file and put a specific image.

I have tried some methods like the following;

var img = await Jimp.read(’’);
var imgBuf = await img.getBufferAsync(Jimp.AUTO);

const exampleEmbed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
.setDescription(‘meaningful description’)



if (message.content.startsWith(prefix +“embed”)){
message.channel.send({embed: {
color: 3447003,
description: “embed.”

I have modified them in several ways but as I said it ends up skipping the error especially with “files”.