Emails from the '' domain cannot be verified

i cant add an email with “ domain”

what steps/tutorial/workflow do you follow?

When I go to settings > emails > add a new email I get this message “Emails from the ‘’ domain cannot be verified.”

Are you sure you have correct DNS records in your domain admin-panel?


Did you get verification mail? Check spam/junk folder

no i didnt i checked spam/junk nothing was there

hm, thats kind-of odd… may this mail be an alias ?

no its not an alias its just a normal email

even more odd…
where do you host this mail account?

i don’t host it its from

Investigating. Will report back. Please be patient.

@Anas-Sherif Are you able to login using their web client?

yes the email webclient works

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when I entered into Safari, whats below appeared:

Looks as if you need to get in touch with their ( ) support team.

that problem is not the email it works fine its github saying the email cannot be verified

Yes, but ( according to your first screen-shot ) GH is unable to verify mails from that domain; not to.
So it must be sth on their ( airmail )'s end.

no any site works fine for verification i can send and recieve emails fine i dont think the problem is on airmails end

If so, than Im out of ideas for now. Sorry

these suggestions helps a lot thank you