Emails from the '' domain cannot be verified

Hello to all.

I got a problem that I can’t add the e-mail address of the mail service  coc  in my Github account. Error message: [Emails from the ‘’ domain cannot be verified.]

  1. Why? This is the usual, convenient mail service. This is not a disposable domain. I have been using it for several years, and am pleased with it. Why can’t I use my regular mail service for Github? Why do I have to have a mailbox on a particular mail service to use Github? And if other mail services do not suit me, why should I create a mailbox on them?
  2. Where is the list of specific mail services that Github allows?

P.S. Do not advise me to use Yahoo , GMail , Hotmail and other slag. I do not need such advices.


Hi there,

We no longer allow email addresses at the domain to be verified, as we’ve found these addresses to often be associated with accounts generating spam. While folks can still associate these emails with their accounts, they won’t be able to create content without first verifying an email address at another domain.