Email unreachable, password lost, cant create support online

Hello community,

Without notice, because a new french law allow them to, my provider recently deleted the email I use on Github.
So I wanted to change it in my settings for the new one.
sudo mode requires me to provide my account password and, unfortunately, I dont remember it.

I tried to create a support with the form but I cant send it because it requires a valid email (list is empty for me and is required)

Anyone know how I can get someone from the support team to help me changing my email ?
I’m still connected on browser and my Oauth token works (but I dont have role user:email. I would be able to use developer API to reach /user/emails endpoint if that was the case).

Thanks for reading me.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

If you use an Incognito or Private browsing window, you should still be able to get in touch using our contact form, even if you’re unable to login. Your issue would require direct contact with the support team.

When you’re logged in, if the contact form is showing you an empty dropdown for email addresses, could you share a screenshot of that and which browser you’re using? It should definitely display a list of any registered email addresses you have on your account.

(please do not share screenshots that reveal personal information)

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Hello !

Thanks for your answer.
I will use the form without being authenticated ! Good advice :+1:

I’m using Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu 78.0.1 (64-bit) but I don’t think this is related to browser.

Here is two screenshots in one file :

  • Contact form : first select (From) has no option so there is nothing to select
    The second select (Account or organization) show all my accounts & organizations.
  • Email settings of my github account : this may happen because of the Undeliverable & Unverified primary email status. Therefore, it seems normal to me not to offer an invalid email in the list

The issue there is that I never verified my email & set a backup one. Won’t happen again :sweat_smile: