Email notification to multiple email addresses

I’ve multiple verified email accounts linked to my Github account. I get the email notification on one of the emails. Is there a way to send out email notifications to multiple email addresses?

Ex: Notification: “Andrew commented on your PR” I want this notification in both and

Thanks in advance

Hi @vpshastry, that’s a good question!

At this time, there’s no way to do this within GitHub email settings itself. I can only suggest setting up a filter on the receiving account to automatically forward a copy to the second (or more) account(s) based on subject or sender (probably but you might need to check over the various emails you’ve received to confirm this)

Some providers of encrypted emails such as tutanota and protonmail don’t have this capability (as the forwarded emails wouldn’t be encrypted, which breaks the value-add of these providers somewhat).

Here’s how to do this for some common traditional email providers;

Hope that gives you some ideas for solutions here. If you’d like to send the idea of selecting multiple account email addresses for notifications you can fill in the feedback form here:

Billy :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you @billythekid . Hope this can be implemented in future.