email is already in use

Backup email address
PROBLEM when I click a drop-down arrow my second
email is not listed

Add email address
key-in my second email and click on Add
PROBLEM error adding…email is already in use

Please help, thanks
Goronwy Glyn Price

:wave: Welcome!

The “email is already in use” error means that there is already a GitHub account using that email address. You might have some luck doing a password reset and then deleting an old account.

If that doesn’t work, please contact support from the specific email address you are trying to add.

Hi canuckjacq at

Many, many thanks. You were right. Few years ago, I did setup/use
github and I’ve forgotten about it.

I’ve now used a different second email address and now there is no
‘error email in use’, it verifies okay and I’ve set it up as my backup
email if my primary email fails.

I’ll investigate my former, github account later.

Goronwy Glyn Price