electron framework downgrade for older computer models

So I was wondering if you GitHub devs could maybe try to optimize electron framework so I can be able to use Atom,
This is my PC’s specs
Now here is what happens when I open up atom, I wait for it to load, I use it and then it crashes my PC, can you GitHub team see how you can optimize electron for older computer’s so I won’t have to use Sublime Text 3

I wasn’t sure where to put this


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In regard to your question, since Electron is an Open Source Project, you might want to open an issue in the Electron project if you haven’t done so already. You can also open an issue in the Atom project as well.

That being said, your system specs seem like they should be robust enough to handle the Atom editor. I believe you that it’s causing you issues but it does make me wonder if there’s something else going on. Are you using the bare Atom editor or do you have additional packages installed? Are you running anything else while running Atom? Do you know if you’re being limited by your CPU or the memory use?

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else.


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I am just using the bare part of atom
There are pre installed packages installed when you install atom
0 non atom developed packages (open source communy packages)

pretty much when I install atom for the first time, it lags and then sometimes crashes

I am going to load up atom again
what I am going to do is uninstall the preinstalled packages
if this doesn’t work, I will send an issue
if it does, I will select this reply as a Solution

That sounds like a great plan. And since Atom is an open source project, an Issue in that project seems perfect for getting the help you’re looking for.