Effectively unable to copy and paste action output

I wanted to copy and paste some console output from an action in a private repository. Clicking and dragging to highlight multiple lines of text and scroll the viewport down, results in strange behavior where the same portion of the viewport remains highlighted but the contents change, meaning I can’t copy more than 20-30 lines at a time. So if I want to copy a large block of text, I have to be very careful to copy and paste one portion at a time, mentally tracking what I have copied so far; and I have to be careful to not scroll the viewport.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  We’ve changed the output here slightly, and we think that we’ve improved the experience.  However, copy/pasting the output here is an important part of this workflow, so we’ll continue to investigate and improve this.  Thanks much for the feedback.

I still have exactly this problem, using Firefox 76.0.1 on OSX.

I select some text but selection stays fixed on “the screen” and scrolling moves the text “through” it.

  • Markus