Education pack application getting rejected everytime

Can anybody help me??

I am trying many times to apply for Education Pack (Student) with my School Mail ID, but it is getting rejected instantly. I don’t know why this is happening.

I tried with various kinds of college proof and they all have the date proving my current enrollment. Still, I can’t understand why it still gets rejected.

So, I need the GitHub support to help me get my student education pack and make me grow.

Hoping for a positive and early reply.
Thank you.

(image removed by mods due to personal information)

:wave: Welcome!

I’m afraid we’re unable to assist with the Student Pack reviews process.

I can see you’ve already contacted the Education team, and they will reply to your query in order. Please remember this is their busiest time of year.

How many days can it take for them to reply to my query? Because, I have been doing everything I can for past 3 months, and nothing happened from your side.

Please, I request you take a look into it as fast as possible.

Thank you.

At present manual reviews can take up to six week.

Again, we do not have any visibility on Education applications and cannot expedite your application. The Education team will reply to your ticket in order.

I’m sorry for the wait.