Education community AMA with @juanpflores Today 2:00PM PST

Hi Friends, please join us today for our first Education community AMA with Education Program Manager @juanpflores.

We will have an hour to share information on the “new” Campus Experts program, the application process, deadlines and more.

I hope to see you soon, AG

PS: This topic will reopen at 1:50pm PST ahead of the AMA kick off!
Community AMA featuring GitHub Campus Experts 2021-02-18 2PM PST - Events - GitHub Support Community


Topic is now open and will remain so until the AMA is over at which time it will revert to read-only mode! We’ll start at 2:00pm PST

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Welcome to our first Education community AMA, we are excited to be joined by former Campus Expert now Program Manager, Juan Pa Flores. We are standing by live to answer your questions about the new GitHub Campus Experts Program. To submit a question, click “Reply”.

All participants will be awarded the new AMA badge and are eligible for a random swag drop (form link posted at the end)

Hi folks :wave:
I’m Juan Pablo Flores, a program manager on the GitHub Education team where I get to work everyday with some of the most talented student in the world through the GitHub Campus Experts program (applications are open now :eyes:). I was part of the first badge of GitHub Campus Experts and is great to be in the other side of the program helping students to build communities on their campus :triangular_flag_on_post:


Welcome, @juanpflores! We are so happy you are here! First things first!.
I have a question…what’s the deadline to apply?

Applications to the GitHub Campus Experts program are open until February 28, 2021. We have a new application process divided into two sections. First an application form, and then a video resume. This helps us have a better understanding of the applicant profile.


Thank you! How long does the review process take?

We take two weeks after the applications close to review the first step, then students have two weeks to submit their video resume and we come back with the final selection a week after the video resume deadline.


  1. On the week on March 15 we will update everyone’s status
  2. If your applications was successful. You’ll have until March 28th to submit the video resume.
  3. A week after, we’ll update with the final selection and next generation of GitHub Campus Experts.

So, the week of March 15th is party time!!!
What was your favorite part of being a campus expert?

I believe the community is very welcoming and getting to know other students from other parts of the world that are going through the same struggles and experiences as you while building their communities.

Also, you get opportunities to travel to GitHub and other student events. This exposes you to other communities and people beyond your campus.


I’m sure you have thousands/thousands of applicants, how can students make their applications stand out?

The whole idea behind the application is to know you better, focusing on four key pillars.

  1. Motivation : What makes you tick? What drives you?
  2. Interest : Why do you want to be part of the program?
  3. Growth and potential : What kind of skills do you want to learn, and how will they help you grow personally and professionally?
  4. Contribution : What kind of an impact do you want to make on your campus?

Cover those four pillars and your application will stand out from the rest.

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Do you have to be extremely technical in Git and GitHub to be a Campus Expert?

We don’t require students to be experts on Git and GitHub but applicants do need to know some basic commands since the training takes place on GitHub. You can learn all the skills needed in any free online course.

It is important to mention that the program is not an ambassador program. Meaning that we want to support students to build great communities and teach other skills they might not be able to learn otherwise.

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Let’s call it a day!

If you folks are interested in joining the program, you can apply using the following link.

Have a great day/evening/night folks!

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And that is a wrap for our first-ever GitHub Education community AMA!
Have you decided to apply to the program? Or are you already a Campus Expert, let us know by posting in comments sections of the event post for a chance to win a surprise!

AMA Badges will be awarded by weeks end.

Thanks again to Juan Pa and team and to our community for participating!
See you at the next one: Community AMA featuring Mike McQuaid 2021-02-26 2PM UTC.