Editing Release?

Hello All,

Total newb here jumping into GitHub Actions. :slight_smile:

I am interested in capturing the on.release.published event and essentially hiding it (setting its draft to true) until the CI is done and all its artifacts have been attached to it.

Is this possible?  Well, I’m sure it’s possible. :grin:  Searching is turning up scarce, so here I am. :slight_smile:

I did find create-releasehttps://github.com/actions/create-release

But it seems to deal with creating and not editing.

Any assistance you can provide for this newb would be greatly appreciated!

FWIW, I am attempting with the following types as discussed here, but it does not seem to trigger when editing, publishing or unpublishing a release, from what I can tell.


OK!  I figured this one out.

It’s a bit tricky.  Intuition says when you commit a new edit to a workflow file, the release events should fire.  But recall when creating a release it is tagged to a particular commit, which may not have the edited workflow in it.  So, ensure that the release that you want to generate workflow event triggers for is tagged to a commit that has the configured workflow in it, if that makes sense.

Kinda tricky but cool when you think of it. Everything works as expected after all. :laughing: