Editing a users repository Inquiry

I am new to GitHub. I will not use proper terminolgoy and this post will likely be worded vastly incorrectly.

I came accross a FreeCodeCamp repository containing solutions as well as any details related to each individual assignment on FreeCodeCamp. Some of the solutions are outdated and incorrect as such. I decided to edit one of them and post the correct solution. I didnt know how to do this so I just hit edit icon in the taskbar, and it brought me to some proposed edit dialoge screen where I edited the post and put a comment.

I know it takes time to see if the origninal user will choose to post that edit or not but I dont know how exaclty that works. Would anyone want to make this a hypothetical situation for the sake of my learning. 

     Will I see my edit ever be posted to the original repositroy and see my name by the edit and look all cool. And it will be like yeah this guy JS555 edited this file in the repositiory and now you can see his edited version with his name and some comment or something. Or will I atleaste be notified ever that the repository owner declined it. Or never be notified because that repository owner doesnt look at it ever. You see what im getting at. 

Also couldnt the owner just decline my edit or something. Then make his own edit using my edit so I get no credit and I cant look cool. 

Thanks for any response!

Hi @js555.

When you hit that edit button, what happened is that GitHub created a copy (a fork in git terms) of the original repository, just for you. All edits you made are local to that copy, and are not copied to the original repository. To propose your changes to be included to the original repository, you have to open a pull request, which would let the owners of the original repository know that you made changes and would like to contribute them.

Of course the owners of the original repository do not have to accept your changes, that’s all up to them.

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