Edit scopes granted to an OAuth app

Hello Community Members:

Is there a way to edit and limit the scopes that have been granted to an OAuth app after access has been authorized ? Currently, I see only a “Revoke” button. I do not want to revoke access - just restrict it to a specific scope.

Thanks much.

Hi @pawa2007! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid it’s not possible to edit the OAuth scopes of an app, no. You either need to grant it the access it wants, or refuse it. Once granted, it’s not possible to edit the scopes, only revoke the whole app.

Thanks @yamiacat. So this means there is no way to grant access to read/write from/to a specific repository only ?

I don’t know about OAuth apps, but try finding an equivalent GitHub workflow or GitHub app, as the apps can be configured in settings, and the workflows have to have specific files to be added

Hi @pawa2007 - that’s correct - access is granted at the account level, you can’t specify it repo by repo.