edit or replace json file at github by remote server

I would like to edit a tiny json file in a github account to store the ranking of small quiz I run on a Heroku server.  I can read from this json file to construct a small dictionary in a stack when the quiz is activated, but I am unable to dump this dictionary back to the mentioned json file: I cannot edit or replace the json file.

The logfiles from heroku are not very helpful. Concerning the logs the dictionary in the stack is being dumped back into a json file and this json file is not stored at heroku. However the file at github, that is read to create the dictionary in the stack, is not being replaced or edited.

I am not sure in what direction to go to solve this. Perhaps someone can me out.

Hey @petruzz,

Thanks for being here, here is a link that might be useful. Hopefully, someone else here uses a similar workflow and can give you some feedback as well.

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