edit impossible

I cannot edit my files anymore.
How come ?

if that is a public repo, it’s best to send the direct link

your last update was 15 hours ago

I cannot edit any files in all my repositories.
Le prreview button is not functional.

on my end it’s working, when I click the edit button, but because I’m not the owner, it will be a fork instead of direct commit

make sure you’re logged-in or try logging in in Incognito mode

@jdavid54 can you describe your problem in a bit more detail? What are you doing? What would you expect to happen, and what does actually happen instead?

I am really logged in correctly and i am not in incognito mode.
I’ve tried to log out and log in again. Still same.

I’ve tried to reboot the pc but nothing solved.
Is there a problem with google chrome ?

I try to edit any text file in my repositories. (readme.md, *.ino)
I can open the edit page, change text but the preview tab is not operational.

Finally, the Commit button is not responding.

Am I blocked by github ?
Am I hacked ?

Just solved my problem.

I have ghostery extension active on my chrome.
Giving trust to the site solve the edit-preview-commit problem.

Thanks for your attention.

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