Edit Button on Github.com does not show for all files in branch


I am looking to edit a file in my Github repository: 


Specifically, the file: https://github.com/BigTimeStats/beach-volleyball/blob/master/match_archive_2000_to_2017.csv

There is no edit button to edit it, meaning I have to delete/re-upload:

However, there is an edit button for my other file:


The only difference I can see is the file size… however I have not been able to find any documentation on this being the case.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @bigtimestats,

I’m not sure what the exact size is, but there is a limit to what our user interface can render and therefore what you can edit in the browser. However, you don’t necessarily need to delete and upload a new file every time that you want to edit this file. You could use a Git client like GitHub Desktop to upload a new version of the file when it changes.

Hope this helps!

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But Github Desktop supports only 64 bit, I have a 32 bit machine. Any way out please suggest

hAVING EXACT SAME ISSUE! I will post solution